Directions for the use of liquid glass-thermometers

There are two different groups:  
Group A: Thermometers with non-wetting liquid (mercury, mercury-thallium)
Group B: Thermometers with wetting liquid (alcohol, pentane, toluene)

There are thermometers for two different measuring methods:

  1. Total column immersion (total immersion).
    The entire liquid column is immersed in the medium so that the top of the liquid column is in the same plane as the surface of the medium.
  2. Partial immersion.
    The thermometer is immersed to a prescribed depth in the medium such that not all the liquid column is immersed in the medium. The emergent liquid column is that in the part of the cappilary tube which is filled with liquid but not immersed in the medium.

In order to prevent a damage in the case of overheating, all our thermometers are provided with expansion chambers.
If you may have some specially problems with respect to temperature measuring, please don't be afraid to ask.